Next day, next day.

What does homelessness feel like?

This short audio story is a ‘verbatim’ piece, edited together and re-recorded following conversations with rough sleepers and other homeless people in Hull.  What you hear in the story are the words of the people I spoke with. Together, their phrases help us to understand not just what homeless is – but what it feels like.

Produced for World Homelessness Day, October 2018.

My thanks to the Emmaus Street Outreach Team in Hull, to the participants that shared their experiences with me, and for the continuing resourcing support of HullHARP.

(Music: Between Worlds, by Aussens@iter)


  1. These are so humbling . The homeless are not invisible … they have a past present future it could happen to all of us at anytime if we had no friends or family life would spiral … #walkintheirshoes

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