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HumberHelp: V2.0 – we’re refreshed!

No better day than World Homelessness Day 2018 to reveal our new refreshed format, hope you like it – or at least get used to it quickly.

HumberHelp has travelled a long way over the years. It was always designed from my own home computer, using desktop web design software. But, it got too BIG. It had become rather cumbersome to update and upload – maybe a victim of its own success.

In this new, refreshed, format we’ll be able to upload content more easily, and even more quickly. ┬áMuch of what we’ve written over the years has been scrapped, so apologies if some of the content you submitted has gone, nothing lasts for ever – it made a great impact in its moment, but I know from ‘analytics’ that older content was no longer getting the attention it once enjoyed.

This new HumberHelp, call it V2.0 if you like, presents us with some great opportunities.

We’ll be publishing more podcasts. Interviews with key sector figures both locally and nationally, and episodes covering themes and issues. Some of these podcast episodes will be recorded in front of a small audience, so look out for our events – they’re likely to be Friday afternoon gatherings at my studio or another convenient/relevant location.

We also now have the opportunity to appoint ‘contributors’, those people and organisations that produce a steady stream of sector news and content. I’ll be approaching some of you to ask if you’d like to become a contributor. Contributors will be able to submit content to HumberHelp directly, pending moderation by me as editor. Chat with me if you’re interested in this.

I know change can be challenging for some, but I hope you like the potential of this new format and the direction we’re going in. It’s always great to have your support, and your feedback is welcome too.

for now, all the best,



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