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A conversation with Martin Deane, Green Party candidate for Hull North.

[10 May 2017]
Martin Deane works as a supply-teacher, has served as a councillor, and is the Green Party's candidate for Hull North.

In this recorded conversation we chat about radical solutions to the housing and homelessness crisis, including scrapping many current Government policies and even introducing a basic minimum wage to help alleviate poverty.
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0:00 - The Green Party has never been one to shy away from posing radical solutions to life's problems. Often, those solutions that at first appeared quite radical then, a decade or so later, become part of the mainstream conversation. So, Martin, inspire us, what would the Green Party do to tackle the UK's housing and homelessness problems?

1:52 - Let's unwrap some of these [ideas]. So, the building of houses, most commentators say we need to build 250,000 house a year, is that an achievable figure?

3:33 - Am I right in saying you'd introduce a loan-based function, to help larger companies, local authorities and housing associations to build?

4:41 - Those astronomical house prices, you have some mechanism, do you, to help reduce house prices, to make houses more affordable for people?

5:23 - It would be a really unpopular move, for many people, to lower the value of their assets, everyone's main asset is their house. How would you get people to vote for that?

5:50 - You mentioned earlier the Citizen's Income, a basic income for everyone…

7:32 - Tell me how the Green Party locally will support grass-roots action for the homeless.

9:13 - Of all the policies that the Green Party would love to put into place if you became the governing party, which of the elements would you really hope the winning party on June 8th will take up and deliver?
We'd introduce a law to tax a bit more those properties that are empty … that's a sensible thing, to try to get existing houses back onto the market, back into use, and that will take a lot of pressure off.
Martin Deane - Green Party candidate for Hull North.
We're not aiming to please the people at the top of the pile if you like - in housing terms. We're aiming to redress the social injustice about those who're not even on the accommodation ladder, let alone the property ladder.
Martin Deane - Green Party candidate for Hull North.

General Election 2017 - Conversations about homelessness and housing in the Humber Region.

At HumberHelp we believe the General Election is not a 'one issue' - Brexit - debate. Housing is an issue for all of us, and homelessness an issue for many.

In the run up to 8th June we'll be having conversations with parliamentary candidates, politicians and policy makers, housing and homelessness sector professionals, and those affected by housing matters. We'll be asking questions, and reflecting on homelessness and housing issues together.

Please listen to the interviews, share online, and join in the conversation.

More #GE2017 conversations here.

Do you have something to say about housing or homelessness in the Humber region? Get in touch!