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A conversation with Malcolm Smith, CEO YMCA Humber.

[25 April 2017]
Malcolm Smith is the Chief Executive Officer of YMCA Humber, one of the region's largest providers of accommodation and support to homeless young people.

In this recorded conversation we chat about: the pressures faced by young people; whether young people are switched on to politics; the difficulties of supporting young people in housing crisis; and the roles of charities and communities.
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0:00 - How tough is it to be a young person at the moment?

3:51 - The young people being housed at YMCA Humber, how switched on are they to what's happening to them and the disadvantage being put upon them?

5:03 - What are the backgrounds of young people coming to YMCA Humber for support, and have you noticed any differences in the last 5 years?

8:01 - As accommodation gets more expensive, whether you're buying or renting, is it getting more difficult for you to find suitable transition routes for young people?

10:27 - Charities have always had a role in creating social impacts upon communities, but is there now too much demand and responsibility being put upon charities?

12:25 - Should charities such as they YMCA be moving away from just offering short-term accommodation and support, and be offering long-term accommodation and housing?
People talk about young people being apathetic about politics, but that couldn't be farther from the truth.
Malcolm Smith - CEO YMCA Humber
I think the idea of Universal Credit, when it was first put forward was a real positive one… but what we've found here is we have a number of young people getting themselves into rent arrears… because they get paid in arrears.
Malcolm Smith - CEO YMCA Humber

General Election 2017 - Conversations about homelessness and housing in the Humber Region.

At HumberHelp we believe the General Election is not a 'one issue' - Brexit - debate. Housing is an issue for all of us, and homelessness an issue for many.

In the run up to 8th June we'll be having conversations with parliamentary candidates, politicians and policy makers, housing and homelessness sector professionals, and those affected by housing matters. We'll be asking questions, and reflecting on homelessness and housing issues together.

Please listen to the interviews, share online, and join in the conversation.

More #GE17 conversations here.

Do you have something to say about housing or homelessness in the Humber region? Get in touch!