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A conversation with Emma Hardy, Labour candidate for Hull West and Hessle.

[8 May 2017]
Emma Hardy is a former primary school teacher, now Labour's candidate for Hull West and Hessle. She has served on Labour's National Policy Forum for Housing.

In this recorded conversation we chat about regulating the private rental sector, building more social homes, housing affordability, poverty, and education as a route out of poverty.
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Photo taken from campaign literature, and used with Emma's permission.
0:00 - What would a Labour government do to fix the broken housing system?

0:57 - Can we unwrap some of these phrases? What makes a house 'affordable'?

2:26 - 'More regulation' often comes up in conversation about the private rental sector, but what would that be?

5:14 - Some sort of 'kite mark' across the industry would allow people to choose a decent landlord in the first place?

5:46 - Are we being radical enough in tackling the housing crisis, innovative enough?

6:32 - The Conservative government has extended Right to Buy to social housing, making it difficult for Housing Associations to get the loans they need to build more stock, would that be a radical move, at least in the short term, to remove Right to Buy from the social housing sector?

8:02 - Are these [housing] issues, when you're knocking on doors canvassing at the moment, appearing in conversations with people?

9:02 - A wider issue is poverty. People can't afford housing if they're not earning enough to get them into the housing market. The Big Issue [magazine] is doing a campaign at the moment, in the run up to the general election, asking homelessness campaigners like myself to put this question to all candidates: 'What would you do, personally, to alleviate poverty in England?'

12:28 - Have you seen the news today about Andy Burnham, former Labour MP and now Mayor of Greater Manchester? In his first day at work he's pledged to end homelessness in the city of Manchester in 3 years, and significantly he's pledged to give 15% of his salary to that aim. Cheeky question to end with, are their any issues in Hull for which you'd make a similar pledge?
The biggest commitment we need to do is to build more homes.
Emma Hardy, Labour candidate, Hull West and Hesle.
Giving everyone that chance - all the children in Hull and Hessle - to reach their potential.
Emma Hardy, Labour candidate, Hull West and Hessle.

General Election 2017 - Conversations about homelessness and housing in the Humber Region.

At HumberHelp we believe the General Election is not a 'one issue' - Brexit - debate. Housing is an issue for all of us, and homelessness an issue for many.

In the run up to 8th June we'll be having conversations with parliamentary candidates, politicians and policy makers, housing and homelessness sector professionals, and those affected by housing matters. We'll be asking questions, and reflecting on homelessness and housing issues together.

Please listen to the interviews, share online, and join in the conversation.

More #GE2017 conversations here.

Do you have something to say about housing or homelessness in the Humber region? Get in touch!