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A conversation with Carl Minns, Liberal Democrat candidate for Yorkshire East.

[20 April 2017]
Carl Minns is a former Leader of Hull City Council, and currently works as a Maths Teacher in a west Hull academy.

In this recorded conversation we chat about: a looming housing crisis; whether the Private Rental Sector should be regulated; if Right to Buy has had its day; the Housing Benefit bill; prospects for young people; rough sleeping; and Housing First.
Carl Minns - Liberal Democrat candidate for Yorkshire East
0:00 - Are we racing towards a housing crisis? If so, how will Liberal Democrat policy tackle that?

3:56 - Is it time that the Private Rental Sector was regulated?

4:57 - Termination of short-term tenancies in the private rental sector is the biggest single cause of homelessness, surely that in itself is cause for greater regulation?

6:15 - Has 'Right to Buy' had its day?

6:43 - The housing benefit bill, nationally, is about £25billion annually, £9billion of that is paid into the private rental sector, does that surprise you?

7:21 - Are young people more positive these days about their employment prospects?

8:17 - 18-21 years olds are no longer automatically entitled to the housing benefit element of Universal Credit, why should young adults be treated differently to other adults?

10:29 - Rough sleeping has doubled since 2010, perhaps partly due to Liberal Democrats agreeing with Conservative policy, what will we see in the Liberal Democrat manifesto to turn this around?
It's not just a crisis of home ownership, it's a crisis for renters as well.
Carl Minns - Liberal Democrat candidate, Yorkshire East.
The best people able to help [the homeless] are councils and charities, not national government. All an MP can do is make sure there's funding available, proper funding, decent funding, for housing charities and local government.
Carl Minns - Liberal Democrat candidate, Yorkshire East

General Election 2017 - Conversations about homelessness and housing in the Humber Region.

At HumberHelp we believe the General Election is not a 'one issue' - Brexit - debate. Housing is an issue for all of us, and homelessness an issue for many.

In the run up to 8th June we'll be having conversations with parliamentary candidates, politicians and policy makers, housing and homelessness sector professionals, and those affected by housing matters. We'll be asking questions, and reflecting on homelessness and housing issues together.

Please listen to the interviews, share online, and join in the conversation.

More #GE17 conversations here.

Do you have something to say about housing or homelessness in the Humber region? Get in touch!