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A conversation with Andrew Young - Chair of Trustees, Emmaus Hull & East Riding.

[4 May 2017]
Andrew Young is the Chair of Trustees of Emmaus Hull and East Riding, a relatively new charity in the city of Hull, providing accommodation and support for up to 30 people.

In this recorded conversation we discuss current pressures put upon homelessness charities by demand for services, and uncertain funding streams. We also explore whether charities are being innovative enough in their responses to the homelessness crisis.
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0:00 - As a very active homelessness charity in Hull, what are the main pressures being put upon you and your delivery to the city?

1:38 - Can you put into scale for us what housing benefit impacts will mean for your charity?

2:21 - As a charity, do you feel you're having to pick up workloads that local authorities and central government should be delivering?

3:32 - Have charities got a greater role to play in tackling the causes of homelessness, rather than just patching up the symptoms?

4:33 - As housing and rental prices increase month by month, are you finding it more difficult to find transitional routes for your companions (residents)?

5:47 - Looking at the future, what would make life easier for your charity?

6:45 - Have we been sheltered in Hull, as housing prices have been, traditionally, cheaper than elsewhere in the country?

7:11 - There's some stigmatisation of people that access homelessness projects, and even of those who need to access social housing, do we need a sea-change there?

9:42 - Tackling the housing and homelessness crises, are we being innovative and radical enough in what we're doing?

10:41 - As the newly appointed Chair of Trustees at Emmaus Hull and East Riding, where is the organisation going to be in 5 years time?
The whole change in the benefits system is now really putting pressure on all Emmaus communities in the UK, in terms of that funding being withdrawn in whole or in part. The Emmaus 'business model' is going to be under severe pressure.
Andrew Young - Chair of Trustees, Emmaus Hull and East Riding.
The slightly depressing thing is we're just a drop in the ocean in what we're doing, against the crisis of homelessness.
Andrew Young - Chair of Trustees, Emmaus Hull and East Riding.

General Election 2017 - Conversations about homelessness and housing in the Humber Region.

At HumberHelp we believe the General Election is not a 'one issue' - Brexit - debate. Housing is an issue for all of us, and homelessness an issue for many.

In the run up to 8th June we'll be having conversations with parliamentary candidates, politicians and policy makers, housing and homelessness sector professionals, and those affected by housing matters. We'll be asking questions, and reflecting on homelessness and housing issues together.

Please listen to the interviews, share online, and join in the conversation.

More #GE2017 conversations here.

Do you have something to say about housing or homelessness in the Humber region? Get in touch!