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SASH Hull and East Riding.

[18 October 2016]

Kirsty Clarke, manager of SASH Hull & East Riding, introduces the work of this youth homelessness charity, and shares exciting news of recent funding success.
0:00 - What can you tell us about SASH, was does SASH stand for?

0:34 - Tell us something about the numbers, how many young people are accessing SASH's services over a twelve month period?

0:59 - How are these young people becoming homeless, what is the cause of their homelessness?

1:43 - So, in addition to emergency temporary accommodation, what support are you able to offer these young people?

3:05 - How do young people access the service, how can they get the support they find they need?

4:11 - So, young people access accommodation in other people's homes, if a family has a spare bedroom what are the requirements on that family? How can people get involved with SASH and add to the support that can be given?

6:41 - Now, you've just had some funding success that's going to help you to deliver your services for the next 5 years, how's that money going to be spent? Tell us about that.

7:39 - Do you expect to see an increase in young people accessing the service, an increase in need over the next 5 years?
Increasingly we're seeing that there's lots of young people who are fleeing violence or abusive relationships, in the last 2 or 3 years we have noticed a real increase in that.
Kirsty Clarke, Manager SASH Hull & East Riding.
SASH Hull and East Riding
You can find out more about the work of SASH Hull & East Riding by visiting the website: