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REAL Project, Hull - so-called 'legal highs' - what you need to know.

[11 February 2016]

Ahead of changes proposed by the Psychoactive Substances Bill, Mike and Su from the REAL project in Hull talk about their work educating and supporting users of new unregulated drugs, or new psychoactive substances - so-called 'legal highs'.
0:00 - Introduction. Why shouldn't we call these drugs 'legal highs'?

0:47 - Where are people getting hold of these drugs, and what street identity do they have?

2:21 - How prolific are these drugs in the city?

3:28 - Where are users getting these drugs from? Are they buying them on the streets, or is 'online' the main source?

4:04 - What sort of problems are you coming across, that people are having?

5:05 - In April this year there may be a new Act passed in Government, the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, why has it taken so long for these substances to come to the attention of the legal system, and for regulation to be put into place?

5:52 - What changes do you expect to see if the law is passed in April? Is it going to make it more difficult to get these drugs, and how can professionals respond?

7:28 - When you're talking to young people in schools, colleges, and youth groups, what are the regular questions that they are putting to you?

8:09 - If young people have questions - and their parents, carers, and professionals too - how do they get in touch?

9:03 - What's the future for the REAL project, where do you want to be in 12 months?
Lifestyle instability - that is becoming the defining feature of a legal highs user.
Mike Tong - Project Manager - REAL Hull.
You can find out more about the work of REAL, and get in touch with Mike and Sue, by visiting the project website: