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Nigel's story: with transformational support, homelessness does not have to be forever.

[23 May 2016]

Now ready to move into a flat of his own, Nigel shares some thoughts about the support he's received from Humbercare Ltd's Futures Project, Westbourne Avenue, Hull.
0:00 - Introduction. How did you end up needing Humbercare's help?

1:19 - What was a typical day for you like, before you came to Humbercare? How 'rock bottom' was it?

1:51 - How long were you in that sort of state-of-mind, that poor physical state?

2:17 - What was the turning point for you? What made you walk through the doors and get help?

2:48 - What sort of activities and support have you engaged with at Futures?

4:35 - I understand you've had a very regimented life, due to previous employment...

5:04 - How important is that discipline to you progress now?

5:13 - What's happening, something special, for you this week?

5:39 - How did you feel when you walked through the doors of the flat and took a look at the place?

5:33 - So, you've had a massive turnaround in the last 6-12 months, but now cast your mind forwards, what's Nigel going to be doing in 6-12 months time?

7:43 - Are the others now looking up to you, as a role model?
When you hit that rock bottom you realise to yourself that you can't carry on. I found out about Futures at Humbercare - and the support they can give - which at that time I needed.
Nigel - Futures Project, Humbercare Ltd, Hull
Find out more about the work of Humbercare Ltd's FUTURES Project by visiting the company website: