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Housing Justice Roadshow 2016: Homelessness, housing need, and the role of the church.

[7 June 2016]
Housing Justice roadshow Hull
Housing Justice, a national Christian homelessness and housing campaigning organisation, brought its roadshow to Hull - the first stop on its tour around the UK in summer 2016.

Delegates from churches and faith groups - and others from the voluntary sector - were encouraged to explore a wide variety of issues relating to homelessness and affordable housing, especially how faith groups and churches can best respond to these issues.

Keynote speakers included: Alison Gelder, CEO of Housing Justice; Rt Reverend Alison White, Bishop of Hull; Angela Dearing, Deputy Director of Housing, JRF; Dave Barnett, Hull City Council Community Housing Manager; and Andy Dorton, trustee of SEARCH.

Workshops included: Faith in Affordable Housing; Church and Community Night Shelters; Homeless Migrants and Refugees; and Theology of homelessness.

The event was hosted by SEARCH, and supported by HumberHelp.


Andy Dorton, Trustee of SEARCH, shares these notes - the 4 challenging points he made in his presentation:

Andy Dorton, CofE Social Responsibility Officer (though noting that he
might well not be expressing the views of his bosses) asserted the

1. there is no shortage of housing in Hull, the problem is the
distribution of it.

2. the argument about the number of rough sleepers is pointless and the
obsession with them is counter-productive; whatever the exact number the
problem of couch-surfers is probably a hundred times larger.

3. there are too many Christians looking to salve their consciences by
slapping sticking plasters on problems rather than doing anything
genuinely sacrificial. There are existing, and we have the knowledge to
create new ways of doing things, that make lasting change much more likely.

4. the breast beating about the lack of affordable house building is a
waste of time; the Government and other official bodies can't make it
affordable in Hull. But, most obviously in Hull, Giroscope can.

He explained himself on each point in a little more detail.

His general thrust was, we have to do it for ourselves.

He's happy for you to contact him on
Housing Justice roadshow Hull workshop
Further information about the work of Housing Justice, and useful resources, available from their website:
[We'll be adding resources from the day to this page as we receive them from the speakers and others who contributed]