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Introducing Alex Slater - Emmaus Hull's newly appointed Business Manager.

[10 November 2015]
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Jerome: Alex Slater is the newly appointed Business Manager for Emmaus Hull. Alex, it's so exciting to walk around the hostel here, and the social enterprise building, tell me how excited are you to be in this new role?

Alex: Yes, really excited. I've worked within homelessness services for 6 years. I'm Hull born and bred, so very passionate about giving something back to 30 companions who want to utilise our facility.

Jerome: The facilities are? What can we expect from Emmaus Hull?

Alex: The facilities are - there's a residential build for 30 companions, we don't call them residents, they're companions of our community, the Emmaus community in Hull. And there's provisions for them to train, and to re-educate. We have a cafe that will be opening in the new year. Also, a social enterprise that will restore and sell on furniture. We will have a recycling initiative as well, which they can all get involved with.

Jerome: Tell me about your role as Business Manager, what are you going to be developing?

Alex: So, yes, I'm the Business Manager, I'll be in charge of the social enterprise, the volunteers, the work ethic behind Emmaus Hull - the cafe, the charity shops, the social enterprise, and engaging the companions with that work ethic.

Jerome: How much opportunity is there for the local business community to get involved with the activities here?

Alex: There's a huge opportunity. There is space to rent, there is room for them to promote their business - certainly with the companions that live here, should they want to go out and choose some different kind of work experience than we have within the building, we'd certainly promote that to give them a different aspect of work life within the city.

Jerome: Hull, with 2017 approaching, is looking at opportunities around the arts. Are there any opportunities for artists and the arts community to get involved?

Alex: Yes, we've got arts space that artists could rent out. We also have a huge corrugated iron wall that, with permission from the residing businesses, we would love to have a 2017 theme over the corrugated iron - so, if that interests any graffiti artists, or art groups, that would be great.

Jerome: It's been a really long journey for you to get to this stage, and it's really wonderful to be sitting here on a desk in this new building. Congratulations on achieving what you have done, and every success for the future.

Alex: That's great, thanks for your support.
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