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Life Story: Dave, a companion resident at Emmaus Hull and East Riding.

[22 January 2017]
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I think just that bit of responsibility they've given me has brought me on leaps and bounds. A little bit of responsibility, for someone in my situation - who had no self-esteem - has gone a long, long way.
Dave - companion & resident at Emmaus Hull & East Riding.
0:00 - Tell me about your background. I want to learn something about your life history, and how things have come about. Tell me about your childhood, what was childhood like?

0:24 - Are you Hull born and bred?

0:31 - What was school like?

0:52 - Tell me something about your friendship with your Nan, you were close to your Nan?

1:11 - What happened when you left school, did you go straight into a job?

1:31 - What else were you involved in as a teenager, did you keep up with the sport after you left school?

1:51 - And what about starting your own family?

2:15 - And you became a carer at home?

2:50 - So your Nan eventually died after a couple of years?

3:02 - What sort of impact did that have on you and the family?

3:30 - What happened to you in terms of your domestic life?

3:56 - How bad did it get? What would you say the lowest point was?

4:23 - How long did you sleep on the streets? Where did you find your place of safety?

5:03 - Were you offered any help from professional services during that time?

6:05 - Did you end up with a prison sentence?

7:17 - Tell me what it is about the activities at Emmaus, the engagement that you get, that really helps you to make progress.

7:55 - Tell me about the activities you are involved in at Emmaus.

8:32 - So on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is pretty much giving up on life, and 10 is being on top of the world and feeling good about yourself, where do you think you are now?
Emmaus Hull & East Riding
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