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Free Flow – a new project will be tackling period poverty in the city.

‘Free Flow’ is a project currently being developed by Stephanie Darnes.  Its aim is to tackle period poverty, and also to educate all women about the environmental impact of sanitary products, showing that there are alternatives which are kinder to women and kinder to the planet too.

In this podcast interview Stephanie describes how the project came about, and why it is important. She describes in detail the alternatives to expensive sanitary products, showing how these alternatives can help women to save money and to feel more empowered. We also discuss, briefly, the ‘tampon tax’, a tax on being a woman.

There has been a great deal of talk about period poverty in the last couple of years.  This project will help us to understand more about the issue, and to respond in a positive and helpful way.

Stephanie is holding an information event at 7pm on 14th January 2019, in The Annexe at the Community Enterprise Centre on Cottingham Road.

Contact Stephanie at: thefreeflowprojecthull@gmail.com

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Next day, next day.

What does homelessness feel like?

This short audio story is a ‘verbatim’ piece, edited together and re-recorded following conversations with rough sleepers and other homeless people in Hull.  What you hear in the story are the words of the people I spoke with. Together, their phrases help us to understand not just what homeless is – but what it feels like.

Produced for World Homelessness Day, October 2018.

My thanks to the Emmaus Street Outreach Team in Hull, to the participants that shared their experiences with me, and for the continuing resourcing support of HullHARP.

(Music: Between Worlds, by Aussens@iter)

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Fair System? A Healthwatch ERY Report.

“I have the right to access treatment and register with a GP practice,” says Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire, speaking on behalf of homeless people.


‘Fair System?’ reports on Healthwatch ERY’s own research into whether it is easy for people with no address and no identification to access NHS primary care services in East Yorkshire. A new ‘registration rights card’ has been introduced to empower rough sleepers to access health care, and to remind local GPs of the national guidelines.

Matthew Fawcett, Healthwatch East Riding of Yorkshire Manager, and Chris Mills, Community Outreach Officer, explain the research and outline the recommendations.


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Archived Podcasts

Archived podcasts from the older website are in the playlist below. Future podcasts will be published as individual posts – searchable using the PODCASTS category link.

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