Humber Help website aims to help co-ordinate information-sharing between all those whose lives are affected by the chaos of homelessness and the wide variety of local organisations that provide services of support to those in need.

In partnership with HullHARP, and supported by Hull City Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council – our mission is to improve the communication of homelessness services and issues on three levels:

  • making those caught in homelessness more aware of the services and support available to them, providing daily information of help that is immediately available.
  • helping organisations, also, to have a greater understanding of the variety and extent of services available to the people they’re supporting, enabling them to direct clients to additional support, and encouraging partnership-working to the benefit of all.
  • helping the public to have a deeper understanding of all issues around homelessness, providing opportunities for volunteering, and encouraging development of more informed responses to the issues.

All organisations and individuals that provide a service to those experiencing homelessness – and its related issues – can register the details of their project on this website.  Additionally, we will help to publish sector news and stories.

Our Editor: Jerome Whittingham is a photographer, interviewer, and digital media producer. He specialises in supporting the voluntary sector, both locally and regionally. With a wide interest in social issues, culture, and the arts, Jerome regularly reports on topics including: homelessness, dementia, young people, social enterprise, community development, theatre, performing arts, visual arts.

Jerome has 2 teenage sons, and has lived in Hull since 1994.

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